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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Plymouth

Squires Guest House


7 St James Place East, The Hoe, Plymouth PL1 3AS  - Tel : 01752 261459


There is parking at the front of the guest house using pay and display parking spaces provided by the local council,  all day visitor's tickets can be purchased from the hosts.


A small setp 6cm in height leads from the road to the pavement which is 1.5 metres wide, then the pathway leading to the front door measures 1.5 metres wide and is 3.25 metres in length.


Entry to the front entrance hallway is via a step 12cm in height then through the main front door which is of a single leaf type measuring 80 cm wide and 2 metres in height, a small lhallway 1.2 metres square leads to the inner door which is a glass panelled door measure 75cm wide and 1.95 metres high.


Entrance to dining room leads off the entrance hallway at the bottom of the staircase.


Access to all rooms is via the staircases which have solid bood banister rails.


Access to rooms 2, 3 and 4 which are on the first landing area are via aflight of stairs consisting of 12 steps measuring 77 cm wide and 18 cm in height, then a further flight of stairs consisting of 5 steps, all the steps are the same measurement.


Access to rooms 5, 6 and 7 are on the second landing which is a further two flights of stairs, the first has 9 steps and the second has 8 steps measuring 77 cm wide and 18 cm in height.


Access to room 8 is then a further flight of stairs which has 14 steps measuring 77 cm wide and 20 cm in height.


The toilet and shower for rooms 3 and 6 is accessed by 2 small steps from the first landing area.


All rooms are accessed through fire doors measuring 75 cm wide and 1.98 metres in height


The staircases and landing areas are well lit and have emergency lighting, there is also a full fire alarm system in the building.


All guest house signs and literature are in large text.


All rooms have their own key and there is no restriction on entry.


Medicines can be refrigerated if necessary


All rooms have colour TV and Hospitality tray withe Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Biscuits.


The decor in the establishment is all good colour contrasting.

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